Thursday, February 10, 2011

~Sunshine Angel Trinket Box~

I was inspired by the hope of a warm sunny springtime this year. We got plenty of sunshine today, but it is still cold. I am thrilled that it is supposed to get up to 40 degrees this weekend. Maybe it will finally melt all the ice in my driveway. I've been feeding the birds the last few days, so that means Tucker can't go outside. He is so good at hunting, all it takes is 5 minutes out there and he's got himself a snack. I hope he doesn't get too mad at me. Anyway, this trinket box is available on ETSY.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~Chunky Valentine~

I finished a chunky Valentine painting this morning. She is listed on Ebay with a bunch of other Valentine Folk Art Items. Are you tired of winter? I am! Rain, Ice, Snow....I am sick of it all. Today, the cable was it was pretty boring around here. My sister, who lives only a couple minutes from me has no power (and suspected till Sunday) That is a long time. So, today I got a little prepared myself. I have no place to go, so I'd be hunkering down at home. Filled 2 five gallon buckets of flush the toilet if need be. Those simple things we tend to forget about. I prepared some food that I could eat cold if I had to as well. I am praying it won't happen, but at least I will be somewhat prepared!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~Faith in Love~

I finally painted something! It seems forever to me. I did sell a mixed media painting on Ebay yesterday..which makes me thrilled. This one is available on Ebay for a buy it now price..just in time for Valentine's Day. There will be no Valentine's Day at my house this, at least I could do is paint about it.