Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~Mauve Trinket Box~

I whipped out another box this morning. It's already available on ETSY. Just click on the image to take you there. It's been an uneventful life this winter. I know I need to get out and get some excersize because I had a dream last night that I joined a gym and Arnold Schwarzenegger was my trainer. LOL As a gift he bought me a box of workout essentials (that included a pair of short shorts....lmbo!) Even in my dream state, I was like....dude can we wait a few weeks of squats before I have to put those on...hahaha. So, I woke up this morning talking myself into joining the Y. They have a real nice one here in town and it is only 5 minutes away. If I can only get off my ass and do it, right?...soon, I promise. ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

~Little Trinket Box~

What a fun little box to make..only because I had a tiny brush. lol It is a wee thing at only 3x3. I love her hair...I wish I could do that with mine! heehee. She is available on ETSY. Click on the image to see.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

~Waiting for spring~

Here's another large mixed media painting. Why do they call it media. It sounds weird because the only different material I used was fabric. I love this fabric too. I am going to make a matching paper clay doll with this fabric, this week. YES...I am actually gonna do it! I got the pattern that is a good start.

I am ready for spring, are you? I know it is not near, but I am hoping that winter is halfway over, at least!

I will be listing this 8x24x.5 painting on E-BAY this afternoon.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

~The little purple box~

This is the only creative thing I accomplished today. I am really liking this light purple. I have been trying to create my boxes with a variety of colors. This one turned out real pretty. It's the smallest of the boxes so far at only 3x5x2, but it does not lack in appeal, that is for sure. Look for her on ETSY.

Friday, January 14, 2011

~Jaune ma chère~

"Yellow my dear" is my last box for the day. This is a taller one than I have done, about 4 inches high and 4 inches in circumference. The color is bright, but looks very stunning. I have yet to decide on where I am listing the three newest boxes. Does it really matter? lol

~You can't be any cuter"

Yeah! I am so thrilled about this piece. I had this box for over a year I think and I could not figure out what I wanted to paint on it. Oh, now isn't she cute? She really couldn't be any cuter! lol This pink is so awesome. Graffiti pink is what it is called, but with crackle and antique glaze it tones it down just a hair.

It has been a pretty productive day for me. I want to paint some more, but I feel I must take a wee break. My back, neck, shoulder are all sore from shoveling snow all week.

~Valentine Box~

This is a Valentine inspired Angel box. It is 4x6x 2.5 inches. It's so vibrant. I just love red. I am a bit surprised I have not used it much in my paintings. But that is going to change. I have a few Valentine inspired items coming along today. This one I started last night and finished this morning. I love it. I may have to stick her on Ebay! Come back to check out the link, if you like.

I am a bit sick of snow!!!! When does spring start around here?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~I love to wear black~

My first mixed media painting. "I love to wear black" This is a large piece at 2.5 x 1 foot. She is available in my ETSY shop.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

~Dreaming of Spring~

This is my first painting of 2011. I will be placing her on ETSY, this afternoon. I have not been very motivated to paint or create for quite some time. My mother received some painting supplies for Christmas, so I have invited her over to test her skills. LOL Though, she's never really painted before, she is naturally talented as a few is my uncle and my younger sister. It is kinda funny how artistry runs in the family, whether they actually do art or not. I was not raised around anything artistic. Quite the contrary, in fact. A pretty "red-necked"environment to say the least. But somehow I was coloring in the lines at 3 years old and people started telling me "you're gonna be an artist" since then. Maybe it's that...the confirmation from people from a young age. If that is true..well sometimes I would have rather say, "you're gonna be a brain surgeon." lol Are there any "starving brain surgeon's" out there? lol Oh well.