Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~4th of July~

I finally got my computer back. Bad hard drive. They were able to save all my files..which I am so thankful for. I am really bad about backing up my data. I should know better because this was not the first time I had problems with a laptop. Someday soon I hope to upgrade to a nice big Macintosh! Anyway....I painted this last week. It is an 8x10 canvas board. I love red white and blue! Everything else in my life is going fine. I can't complain. I found a Calvary Chapel in Akron I started going to. I like it a lot. I plan on attending a 4th of July picnic with my parishioners. I am excited to meet everyone and start having fellowship with them. I don't meet many people since I work at home, so this is a great chance for me to meet the RIGHT people. There are plenty of young folk...though, I am not one of them. It is still nice to be among many of different ages. I am also going to take my niece and nephew to a water park this Saturday. That should be fun....if they behave that Aunt Jenny does not take kindly to rowdy-powty children. Don't worry i will put them in their I just have to work on the "with loving kindness" is all. hahaha.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

~Violet Dreams~

I like this painting. These were my favorite colors when I was in college. Funny how our favorites change throughout the years. This is a small 5x7 on wrapped canvas. I have not created much lately. The glories of home ownership have been keeping me busy. Broken washer and a damp basement. I had to pull everything out and unpack to check the damage. All my paper products and boxes were pretty much ruined. I moved all my decorations to the attic and stored them in plastic. Words of wisdom...don't store precious art or dolls in the basement! Now my basement is almost empty and I put two dehumidifiers down there. Amazing how that works...but why didn't anyone tell me that? I am from Denver..we don't have this problem! lol Oh well, live and learn. It is nice to have a nice open clean basement now.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

~I Believe~

This is a little 5x7 painting. I quite like them because they appeal to my impatient side. Something I am learning about everyday. Having better patience with everyone, including myself. "I believe" is the name of this painting because I do believe all things are possible. Love does not fear. I have learned a lot about what I truly desire. It has been quite a ride the last 6 months, but miracles do happen. I am living proof. I am an over comer. I decided to put god above every desire I have on earth. I am not perfect and everyday is a challenge, but "I believe" that we can receive new hearts through Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~Love & Hope~

Finally a sunny day! Rain rain...nothing but rain...Welcome to Ohio. LOL School work is supposed to be my top priority today. Underline the word supposed. My life has been a beautiful dream and nightmare at the same time the last 6 months. If you follow my facebook you probably noticed it. Anyway.... This painting represents the beautiful part of my life that I got to experience. ~Love & Hope~ Though it ended in bitterness and tears the outcome is a dream of a new life renewed through laughter and courage. I sound like a poet of sorts, I know.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

~Goddess of Liberty~

Another one of my favorites. I think this one reminds me of a Greek goddess, very striking. It is only a 5x7 but it stand out. I cannot wait to offer this as a card sets for an Americana theme.