Friday, December 12, 2008

Ferrel Cat Rescue

So, I have been taking food to the Ferrel cats down the alley. It is one alley away down from mine. There seems to be a big cat colony there. At one spot were I leave the kitten food, it seems someone is taking it. May be the people that live in one of the homes, that the cats are hiding out in. Their back yard looks like "Sanford & Son" (if you get what I mean)..Anyway, I am really annoyed. I get that they are poor and probably cannot do anything about the cat issue, but to take my food urks me! So, because of this I think I am gonna start a non-profit cat rescue. We do not have a ASPCA here in Denver. If I own a cat rescue organization, maybe people will take me more seriously and leave my stuff alone! lol

Anyway, It costs $50 to purchase a trap. I only have one. I cannot just trap one cat, because it is likely it will be a mom of one of the many kittens that are running around. So, I have to do something. If these kittens are not captured, they surely WILL die. I know, I have seen all three of Shadows siblings (which were alley cats) die before they hit 4 months old. These are not quick deaths either. They get terribly injured by another stray animal and go crawl behind something to die...which takes days, because they end up getting eaten alive by maggots. YES THIS IS REALITY!

So, I have decided to start a blog for the non-profit and try to raise money for cages, food, vet bills and such to help with this problem. It is all I can think of, to save these little poopers!~

I will be offering special felted dolls and other kitty items and some of Joan's paintings, in order to help raise money. If you want to donate, please email me and I will keep you informed when I get this whole non-profit started. I have never done one, so I will be asking one of my girlfriends for help, who has.

I have been praying on this for a long-time. I worry a lot about the poor things and it can be very difficult for me emotionally and financially. This idea about a non-profit comes from the holy spirit, I know. So, pray for me, but especially pray for the well being of all the little kittens!

PS~ I need help with a name for my non-profit...any suggestions?


Flor Larios Art said...

How about Kitties-Paw
This is a good thing your are doing and I wish you the best of luck.
Happy Holidays!

Victorian Lady said...

You are an angel...such a sweet thing you are doing...let me know when it's up. Madeline LOVES cats but I don't think we'll ever have one again...I had a TON of them as a child. She's content with stuffed ones for now. :)

She calls them Meow Meow Cats, cute huh? I could donate some on her behalf. :)