Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can't we just get along?

This morning, I was looking for the little black kitty that I normally feed and caught Emerson down the street near his territory. I am guessing he chased him this morning when he was sitting on my porch waiting for his meal. So, I went and got Mr. Emerson and put him in my back yard while I fed the kitty. All was going well till I let Shadow out back. She hissed at Emerson, so he went into the garage. I could not find the booger butt, so I thought raising the garage door would scare him my way...well, I cannot find him! I am guessing he ran out of the garage. Hopefully he figured out where he lived. I have not seen him all day. He must be freaked out about it and decided to stay in his house. I hope so. I also would like him to leave the little black kitty alone. I am sure he does not mean anything about it cuz he does not eat my food, so he should not be territorial, but I get irritated when things get in my way of caring for animals..LMAO.

I saw the cutest kitty at PetsMart yesterday. I wanted to take him home. He was albino..all white with pink nose, ears and paws..with one blue eye and one hazel! Darling~! I played with him thru the glass for a long time, but had to go.


Bunny B said...

Awww.w what a cute pic!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

that picture is cute of those little kittens snoozing..did you ever check to see if Emerson is fixed? if he still has a set...hes not for territory..he is the older cat and has lived there longer and will fight for it..we have 3 males and the youngest male has taken ownership of the domain and fights literally with the other 2 and one of our females..and he can be so cute and cuddly and the next he is pounding on someone and he fights dirty...and sprays everywhere marking what's his...