Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flowers and a tan

After taking a couple weeks off of doll making, I find myself busier than ever. I received 4 special order dolls on top of what I had already planned to pump out before the Halloween season is finished. It ends two weeks early for me as those people would like to decorate with them.

I do need to take an hour or two and head down to the botanic gardens before our first snow! I have not been in 2 months and I am all out of pictures to share.

It was a perfect day out, today. I enjoyed it for the amount of time it took me to walk 20 steps back and forth from my neighbors I did however go tanning last week and on monday. Yes, fake bake. . SO, now I have a nice tan to replace those white legs...ahhh. I tell ya, I look great. It is funny how a little tan can make you look more defined. I like it. I am sure if I go to my plastic surgeon (oh yes, I have one..don't we all..) Lol, he fixed my deviated septum, but when I was there he did a couple laser treatments! They take all those sun damaged cells off your face...well, anyway, I am sure he will just love that I am back getting my face tanned! Oh well.

~Thank you!~

I just wanted to put a shout out to whoever bought these shoes. They are a design of mine and I was pleasantly surprised to see someone actually bought a pair~

Just a note: if you order any shoes thru zazzle they run a 1/2 size too big..unless my feet are shrinking with age...LMAO.

~Again , Thanks...whoever you are~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can't we just get along?

This morning, I was looking for the little black kitty that I normally feed and caught Emerson down the street near his territory. I am guessing he chased him this morning when he was sitting on my porch waiting for his meal. So, I went and got Mr. Emerson and put him in my back yard while I fed the kitty. All was going well till I let Shadow out back. She hissed at Emerson, so he went into the garage. I could not find the booger butt, so I thought raising the garage door would scare him my way...well, I cannot find him! I am guessing he ran out of the garage. Hopefully he figured out where he lived. I have not seen him all day. He must be freaked out about it and decided to stay in his house. I hope so. I also would like him to leave the little black kitty alone. I am sure he does not mean anything about it cuz he does not eat my food, so he should not be territorial, but I get irritated when things get in my way of caring for animals..LMAO.

I saw the cutest kitty at PetsMart yesterday. I wanted to take him home. He was albino..all white with pink nose, ears and paws..with one blue eye and one hazel! Darling~! I played with him thru the glass for a long time, but had to go.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The ASPCA and me!

My little booboo butt just loves this chair. I finally had to put a piece of fabric down. The hair was a nightmare to get off. She looks so cute snuggling against the bear. She is funny. The is handmade by Cape Rouge Primitives. He is so cute~

It is gorgeous outside. I have not been out side, except to go next door to let Baron out. The little kitties that I was gonna trap is coming everymorning at 730 am, then around 1pm and then again in the evening to eat. I am trying to tame him a bit. He sits by the door, cries when he sees me cuz he know I have the food. He is so tiny. There are two huge male black cats that come at night, so I suppose he is trying to stay clear of them. One may be his father, but I know those tom cats are fighters...they will kill this little kitty, I am sure.

So, I have to trap both those big cat's soon. It is much harder to get them fixed to schedule and such. And now I am finding more kitties showing up, now that word is out that there is food here. GREAT!~ Just what I want more cats to take care of. Heck, I do not even know if any of them belong to someone in the fricken hood!~

I think if I had to do things over I just might work for the ASPCA!~ Might as well get paid for doing something I already do, right? lol Plus, I would get great pleasure in helping convict people for animal cruelty! But, I am sure that would test my ability to love my neighbor, so I suppose God is having mercy on me.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I love this view of Denver. I think it is from City Park. That is where I golf. Anyway, I have had a lot of time off (from making dolls) so I think it is time to get back to work.

I received my new heart monitor today. So, I actually got on the stair climber! Yes! I burned 250 calories. Awesome. It actually felt really good. I feel that I may have missed it. So, hopefully I will get on it tomorrow as well.

Friday, September 5, 2008


It has been chilly out for the past few days. Actually quite chilly today. I turned my heat on. I bet the leaves are already changing in the mountains. Yes, it looks like these pictures.

I really would love to go up there.

Sometimes, we will get a big snow storm in September and it will totally mess up our fall. It takes out trees because the heavy snow is too much for a tree that has not lost its leaves yet. That is Colorado for ya.