Saturday, July 5, 2008

Water Lilly's

If you had not noticed, I have been trying to add a new flower picture, everyday. (almost anyway)
There were a lot of water lilly's at the gardens, so I have plenty more to show you. All of the pictures turned out wonderful.
I have been having issues with my new camera and honesty, I cannot tell if it is user error or there is something wrong with it. It is under warranty, so I am not all that worried about that part. They offer a one on one course at Best Buy (where I purchased it) so, it looks like I am gonna have to suck it up and take it.
I bought a membership to the gardens, so I should get out there more often. I was dissappointed with all the roses, this year. Maybe they will have tended to them better and they will not be all withered like last time. It has been really hot here and I am sure that it affecting them.
I have not worked on much, yet today. As I collect more and more fabric and supplies, my space keeps getting more un organized. I try to organize it a few times a month, but it always gets cluttered again. I need more shelves, so I do not have to pile things up....It sure is frustrating trying to find something specific when you're unorganized. Well, I am off to wee what I can accomplish.

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exotic1 said...

Wow You would never know by the looks of your pics that you were having camera problems. They are beautiful~! Since I live in Maine I have a hard time finding hardy plants that flower year to year. We do have some but are limited here. I would love to have a lily Pond but I think it would be to hard trying to re-do it every spring. Enjoy your garden and have a wonderful week.