Friday, July 4, 2008

Early fireworks ~

Right as I was about to go to bed, last night. Bangbangbang. A nice fireworks display. I am not sure where these were from. I am assuming Coors Field or downtown. This is the benefit of living walking distance to downtown. If that is a benefit, right? These pictures were taken from my office window. Pretty cool. The pictures are not great cuz I did not have time to get my tripod out.

I was not happy to have been woken up at 1:30 to fireworks. I was in a nice deep sleep too! Then I could have swore I hear faint sirens in the background...but they never came, so I guess my hearing may be

I am sure this kind of stuff will be going on all weekend, around here. Fireworks are illegal in Denver. It is just too darn hot and dry.

I am going go to the Art festival this morning, for a couple of hours. It is gonna be too hot to be out all day, so I will be back home this afternoon, working on a couple of shakers I had started a yesterday.

Some say I have been bitten by the doll making bug...well, more like I contracted the disease and there is no cure. LOL Yes, I really enjoy it and when I think about how miuch better I will be after doing it for years, that excites me too. Well, time to get dressed...adios!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you definitely have the disease and it only gets worse as time goes girlfriend and I look to see who has the biggest fabric stash...I think she does now..but we do weed out our stuff all the time...I hope there is never a photos..our local one happened last night too...but we didn't see it..taking the neighbor next door to the market and parade...have a good one..will talk to you this evening..:)

exotic1 said...

That is strange because we had the exact same thing happen here. It was late we were ready for bed and of all of sudden off goes the fireworks and like yourself we live actual down town. So we stood outside and watched the fireworks and soon enough the sirens started. We have a lot of old people in the neighborhood so I am sure they were woke up and not as appreciative as we were and probably called the police because we to live in a state that fireworks is illegal. Hope you enjoyed the show even though you lost some sleep. Remember we sleep 1/3 of our life away so why miss something beautiful just for a few minutes sleep :)