Saturday, July 19, 2008

Neglecting this blog

Yes, I have been too busy making dolls and blogging over at Wonders of Whimsy to come over here and post something. Shoot I may have even posted this flower
Well, the last we chatted was me saying how I am going to diet and excersize..I have not done a thing. Too busy.
I really wanted to do a juice fast, but I am too lazy about it. It requires such preperation! UGGH.
At some point soon I am gonna have to get going with it all. I will let you know when I do. Till then, you can always visit me here or at my other blog..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

100 degrees this week!

I am not looking forward to that. It would be a good time to stay at home. Although, I must venture out on Thursday, to get my hair done....again. Gosh, too bad I'm not a natural blonde....Getting my hair done every 8 weeks gets so dull.
Well, if you had not noticed, I have been busy making dolls. It is halloween this I hope my sales improve.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blog Give Away

Well, it was only a matter of time before I did this and after clearing out my storage closet, I decided..what the heck! There are 5 prizes that I will be giving away: The first is two 8x10 professionally matted 5x7 prints of my favorite photo's with a handmade felted purse, made by me. Second are two 8x10 professionally matted 4x6 prints. And three third prizes of signed custom decks of cards, which are signed as well. The prints and cards are very limited additions. I only had about 5 each of the prints and cards made.
The rules are as follows: Post a comment on my blog. I will accept double comments one on each of my blog. If you do not have access to commenting on my blog,
you may email at and leave your comment. I will also put your name in twice if you post my blog giveaway on your blog.
I will be accepting comments till July 20th at 10pm and drawing names on the 21st.
I thought I needed to do one and I think I might do it more often...I have some fun winter knitted items to giveaway, but may wait till it gets cool out for that one. Sorry, there are no dolls from Wonders of Whimsy with this giveaway. Someday, I will be doing that as well. So, keep checking back.Good luck everyone and have fun blogging.

Water Lilly's

If you had not noticed, I have been trying to add a new flower picture, everyday. (almost anyway)
There were a lot of water lilly's at the gardens, so I have plenty more to show you. All of the pictures turned out wonderful.
I have been having issues with my new camera and honesty, I cannot tell if it is user error or there is something wrong with it. It is under warranty, so I am not all that worried about that part. They offer a one on one course at Best Buy (where I purchased it) so, it looks like I am gonna have to suck it up and take it.
I bought a membership to the gardens, so I should get out there more often. I was dissappointed with all the roses, this year. Maybe they will have tended to them better and they will not be all withered like last time. It has been really hot here and I am sure that it affecting them.
I have not worked on much, yet today. As I collect more and more fabric and supplies, my space keeps getting more un organized. I try to organize it a few times a month, but it always gets cluttered again. I need more shelves, so I do not have to pile things up....It sure is frustrating trying to find something specific when you're unorganized. Well, I am off to wee what I can accomplish.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Early fireworks ~

Right as I was about to go to bed, last night. Bangbangbang. A nice fireworks display. I am not sure where these were from. I am assuming Coors Field or downtown. This is the benefit of living walking distance to downtown. If that is a benefit, right? These pictures were taken from my office window. Pretty cool. The pictures are not great cuz I did not have time to get my tripod out.

I was not happy to have been woken up at 1:30 to fireworks. I was in a nice deep sleep too! Then I could have swore I hear faint sirens in the background...but they never came, so I guess my hearing may be

I am sure this kind of stuff will be going on all weekend, around here. Fireworks are illegal in Denver. It is just too darn hot and dry.

I am going go to the Art festival this morning, for a couple of hours. It is gonna be too hot to be out all day, so I will be back home this afternoon, working on a couple of shakers I had started a yesterday.

Some say I have been bitten by the doll making bug...well, more like I contracted the disease and there is no cure. LOL Yes, I really enjoy it and when I think about how miuch better I will be after doing it for years, that excites me too. Well, time to get dressed...adios!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What day is it?

Cuz honestly, I do not know. Tuesday? Wednesday? LOL, that is what happens when I sleep all day. Which I would rather not do, ever.
I like getting things done much better than waisting it on anything, especially sleeping.
My sister could sleep all day, if given the chance and I am sure there are many people out there that could.
I do not even like watching TV. I 'd much rather be making or creating something. Even writting lists of things to do, is better than the boob toob (that is what my dad called it.) Why? I have no clue.
So, it is almost 4pm and I just drank my morning latte, checked my email (a doll sold) so I packed her up and now I am sitting here getting motivated to work on a doll! YA. I am really hoping that the drugs I took truly rid myself of the headache and that I won't, in an hour or so, start feeling it again. I decided that instead of going to the chiropractor for my neck (which would probably help) I am going to my real doctor and have him refer me to a therapist, so that it could be covered by my insurance. I am a bit worried about that cuz doctors always have bad news and I do not want to hear that I have degeneration of my spine or something jacked up like that...I'll keep you updated.
Well, that is enough blogging for me, today...have a good evening!