Sunday, May 18, 2008


I got some plants for my back yard! Last year I ended up buying all the plants already in pots, but this year I decided to try making my own arrangements. I did better than I thought. Those cool hangers for plants on the fence, we found in a garage that we are tearing down. We always find interesting stuff in the homes we buy.

I had to plant more moss between the stone because honey ruined a bunch when he shovelled a walk in the winter.

Hopefully, they will grow just as quickly as they did last year. Don't you just love this cabana area? I love to hang out there and turn the fan and speakers on. Listen to jazz and drink cocktails (not much cocktails for me anymore) We built a tall fence so we did not have to entertain the neighborhood.

It was really warm, today. A bit windy at times, but very nice otherwise.

There still so much to do around the house. I really need to spring clean (like inside the fridge) I dred that kind of work and honestly my mom is not a neat person at all, so I could wait, but this is a good excuse for me to actually do it.

She gets here Thursday afternoon. I still have not figured out all that we will do that weekend. Since it is Memorial weekend, it will be packed about any place we go. Museum on Friday. My anniversary is on Saturday (i gotta remember to blog my wedding photo for you all) and then the Mountains on Sunday. I was originally going to plan a weekend get away for our anniversary, but I am glad I didn't. We'll probably just do a spa day for ourselves next week after she leaves. We both love getting massages. Who doesn't, right?

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~Tonya said...

So very pretty Jenny. I have not even thought about planting things yet...

Normally not till after Memorial Day, that way no chance of frost, with this MN weather. Probably a bit later then I should be planting, but better late then never.

I bet a massage would be so wonderful, never had one professionally done.