Thursday, May 15, 2008

Idol Fan

Not much going on in my world today. I got my hair done. That is a half day event for me. I have a lot of hair!

I do not watch TV much, but I have been glued to American Idol, this year. I am a big fan of David Cook's. Thank goodness other people are, cuz I am not one to vote...for anything! LOL

I did however download almost all of his music, though. I actually found I liked a few people from this seasons idol. Daugherty (never heard of him till this season..and Jordan Sparks) I did not watch any American Idol before this year. You see I have a problem with commitment..LMAO I can never set aside time for TV, lol, except for this year!

I love the show Desperate Housewives, but because I cannot commit to every Sunday Night ( I think that is when it is on) Anyway, I am forced to not watch at all and wait for the DVD...LMAO

I am kind of procrastinating on my dolls this afternoon. I just don't feel like doing anything. I have a bit of minor surgery tonight, so I just want to be lazy. No big deal, just a scare revision on my nostrils (yes I had a nose job last year to correct my breathing problem) I am not loking forward to all the poking and slicing in a few hours. So, it is flowing into my normal daily routine! That's a joke, I do not have a routine! lol We will see if I want to do anything tomorrow, either! I hope you are having a good day.


Pea said...

Oh jenny,
Prayers for a great day. That you come out with no scars or pain.
My mom just had the surgery for the same reason. She said her nose was straight for the first time since she was 4.

~Tonya said...

I am not an Idol fan...probably one of the few!

I do not watch Des. Housewives either. When I want to watch a season of something, I just set my DVR for a season pass and can watch each episode...when I want and fast forward through the commercials. Love that, no more wasting my time on them commercials.

I hope your surgery goes well...however minor it may be.

I must go. Just got home and have lots to do.


Jenny said...

Hi my favorite girls! Well, I took my vicodin and my nose still stings.

I tell ya getting shots in the nortils is not fun. I think I got like 10 and then after sitting around for like 30 minutes he came and poked me again to see if I was numb enough, oh boy I got some more.

Thank goodness though, cuz when they were ready to slice and dice I only felt pain..but now the shots are wairing off.

I hope it does not hurt tomorrow cuz I gotta work on them dollies.

Love ya,