Monday, April 21, 2008

User Error!

Well, I spent part of my morning trying to re-configure my wireless router. To find out I accidentally turned it off from my laptop. DUH, at least I did not have my repair man come out. That would have been embarrassing.

Here are the pictures of some trees in my neighborhood. I love this time of year. I wish the trees would stay like this longer. I planted 3 crabapple trees in my parkway, but they will bloom a little later in the season.

Pea wanted me to share some of my fabric. This is only about 1/4 of all that I ordered. Tonya, you might notice a pattern here that you have. Plus, I got my mohair. I already changed the hair on those dollies, already.My girlfriend just came over with her new adopted son from Korea while I was in the middle of this blog. He was still on Asia time, so she was trying to keep him up. He was such a sweetie and he loved me. I was throwing him in the air...what a giggle box. Well, it is definatley time to get some things done, today. I have a long list. I replaced the pictures of the dolls I was working on from the previous posts, if you want to check out their new hair do's. Otherwise, as soon as I am finished I will post them before I get them loaded on ebay.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!


~Tonya said...

Love your new fabric Jenny. I am glad you got your router figured out...things like that can be frustrating.

So neat about your friends son. I bet your dollies look so sweet. Can't wait to see them all finished up.


~Tonya said...

Oh and I forgot to say I love the pics of the trees. I love flowering trees and wish they would stay all summer long...not just for a short while.


Pea said...

Ohhh I would so take you shopping! I love your fabric choices. I have 2 of those infact. The dot and the oval but mine is a different color.
Can't wait till I see all the dollies. As far as the name thing Jenny I don't know. You could list, photography, paintings and folk art dolls on your banner. Jenny's whimsical prims. Art from the lily pond. or I don't know. I like flower boutique too. I am sure with a bit of thought you will figure the best name for yourself. I keep thinking of changing mine but like you, to what?
Have a great day my dear. Keep them wonderful dollies coming.