Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yep, I live in Colorado! The flowers that came up, a few weeks ago, are not happy right now. Maybe this will be the last storm of the season. I am not entirely sad about it cuz skiing is going to be great tomorrow! YIPPY. It is the last weekend this ski season, so I hope it won't be too busy. We never go on the weekends. Traffic is just horrible then.

Here's what I woke up to....This is a picture from my window in my office. The little victorian, in the middle (behind the big tree) was a renovation I did back in 2003. That was one of my best projects. It is really adorable. I painted the exterior myself (except I hired someone to do my ladder work) That porch turned out really cute!

I was adamant about the look I wanted. I really wanted it to be "gingerbready" (if that's a word). Well, I took the time and painted it myself and it paid off. I had 3 contracts within 24 hours and ended up making 10k more than market value! HAHA.

It is nice living across the street from it as well. The only thing I would have done differently was put a sprinkler in. I have noticed people do not like taking care of their yards. Living in a somewhat deserty climate it really helps....Sorry Ryan. :)

Shadow was up playing with a ball of paper this morning. She loves to play hocky with it. She definatley is not photogenic. I can never get a good picture of her. She always looks away. I guess I don't blame her for not liking a flash in her eyes..heehee.

I signed up for some classes at the Colorado Free University (no, it is not free.) It is a group that offers all kinds of classes from knitting, dancing, and cooking, to computer programs. My first class is Adobe Illustrator. I have taught myself how to use it, but I am hoping to gain more knowledge to help with drawing with it. I also signed up for Crochetting. I tried to learn once from a friend and well, it did not stick. Unfortunately, they did not offer an advanced knitting course...bumber. I am also excited about a class called "writing and publishing a children's book". Not having kids of my own has hindered my writing ability on that end. What does a 3 year old read? I keep thinking about "The Cat in the Hat". A bit of simple poetry and big colorful pictures, right?

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