Thursday, April 24, 2008

I feel normal again!

Nothing new in my house. It is kinda messy cuz I have had a headache for 2 days and I never feel like doing anything with one. We'll today I feel better, still a stiff neck, but I'd take that over the head ache anyday. I had class today and it was fun I learned how to draw and make some cool lettering. The weather here is incredible, again! Yes, Colorado to most is cold and snowy...NOT SO. Sunny 300 days a year and blue skies! It is 70 degrees, the lawns are turning green and the flowers are starting to bloom! I have alot of planting to do in my court yart, cuz lots of my moss did not come back this year. It is well worth it though and when it is summer I will share it with you.

Hey look at the panda nodder, Tonya..I did receive more supplies in the mail. Nothing exciting, but to me they are all exciting, cuz I imagine what I can make from it! I remember how downting it was for me when I first started (well I still am first starting) but I was like where do I get all these cool supplies that everyone is using? With a lot of help from my friends and some searching on my own, I have finally gotten about everything I need! FFFEEEWWW!

Time to celebrate! So, now that I have waisted two days. I should get my bum in gear: put some laundry away, do some dishes and make some dollies! Maybe not in that order...heeeheee.


Pea said...

Oh cool Jenny! I love that panda. So pea green! LOL
I got fabric today too! Go peek and tell me what you think?
I have to get to finishing up this p. rug so I can make a new dollie.
Hope your headache goes away soon.

Jenny said...

Hi Pea,

I will definately take a look. Thanks, my headache is gone and I am working late on my new dolly.
Trying to make up for the time I had to take off.

I cannot wait to see the rug finished.

Have a good night, Pea!

Love, Jenny