Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Cuddly Baron

Goodmorning all. It is actually, good afternoon. I had to stay in bed 1/2 the morning. I got my "what seems like" my monthy head ache. I tried drugs and massaging my neck and nope not gone yet. I can't do a darn thing with it, either. Just a pain in my neck, literally! I did try to start my next doll, she is coming along very slowly.
Here is a picture of Baron Von Marsell. My nieghbors little rotty. I have been in charge of his potty breaks since he was a pup (while they are at work) He is about the size of my dog, now. He gets bigger, literally everyday. I had to bring him over to visit, yesterday. He seemed so bored just sittin in his crate, so I thought I'd bring him over a bit. He loved Gin's squirel!

My Shadow kitty did not like him, he is stubburn and won't back down. Fearless! She is used to being queen of her domain. Here's the kitty trying to keep away, by sitting on the grill.

It has been gorgeous out, lately. So, I think the snow is finished for the season. Felix, the old kitty that decided to call our home his retirement pad is hanging outside as well. He is not going outside to wonder the hood like he used to. I think he's got it made at our place and would rather just chill with us.
Well, I am gonna get going and do some stretches. Maybe that'll help, so I can get working on my new doll. Have a glorious day!


~Tonya said...

Awww little at them little critters...they bring so much to life.

So nice of you to let Baron out. Your kitty...the Queen, I am sure you spoil her.

I hope your headache is gone by now. Those are no fun.

Take Care Jenny.

Jenny said...

Yes, my queen, you should see her cuddle in bed with us every morning. She loves stretching out next to Dave. So precious. She is my baby alright. I always say, "If god were to place me someplace in heaven, well I would be the keeper of kitty heaven." No one loves them more than me. The cat lady. lol (but,no,I only have two in my house) heehee.