Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Cozy Knitting Spot!

Well, I was supposed to re-list another kitty doll today, but instead I went skiing. It was probably the best day so far this ski season. No lines, hardly anyone on the mountain and the snow was groomed (which I don't mind.) We skied for four hours straight. My legs are spent.

I started knitting again on the ride up the mountain. I was wanting to wait to learn something new, but this fancy book I bought really did not have clear directions on a blind cast on...hmmm. Even the ladies at the knit shop could not tell me how to do it. I was bumbed.

So, I guess I'll have to pick another pattern to use. I really want to teach myself all the fancy stitches so that I can start designing my own sweaters and such. That will be so much fun, especially with my own Alpaca some day. I will be spinning my own yarn, at least for the first couple years. After about 50 or more Alpaca's...I am sure I won't be able to keep up. My intention is to offer really fun/funky yarn.

I did not know what picture to add to this blog, then I ran into the picture of my red velvet couch (that is in my glorious office.) This couch is the middle section of a huge "sectional" I purchased for our family room. The original material was a hideous gold. So, I designed this custom slip cover to match my office & picked other fabric for the rest. Anyway, this is where I knit. I have a perfect view of my doll collection. I also have that other floral chair with the teddy I featured in an earlier blog next to it. Incase, my girlfriends want to come over and knit or just hang out in my room.

Eventually, I am going to run out of interior pictures, but they're all designed by me and I consider them, I like to share.

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