Monday, March 31, 2008

The Library

It took a while to finish this room. All the custom woodwork was what was tying it up. But, finally it is finished. There's a whole wall of shelves and a computer area both my honey and I share, even though I have my own office (below) my honey doesn't mind sharing his library with me. Although, I do ALL the decorating.

Speaking of decorating.

I added the cute whimsical
clock made by CC Whimsies. My honey is not thrilled when I start taking over the house with my collection, but he thought this piece was cute and it matches the brown silk curtains in there, so I did not have to twist his arm.

Precious little bunny

No, this is not my creation. I just had to share her with you because i got such a deal on her, honestly, I feel kinda bad about it. My friend at Rusty Creek Primitives made her. She was even kind enough to include some rusty pins,bells and hearts for me to use on some of my dolls. She was the one who encouraged me to make my first doll. Brenda, thanks so much for everything, you are a great lady and I wish you all the success you deserve.

Brenda has also encouraged me to start an etsy account. Ebay is killing me with their fees. So, as soon as I get that started I will add the link to my blog. Blessings to all of you whom read my blogs, boring as they may be. I truly appreciate all the support!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

View from my desk

Well, here is where I sit. Yes, this is my office believe it or not. It looks like a doll museum! The witch in the foreground is by Ivonne Brown from The Crackling Crows she was kind enough to make her for me! All my dolls are so very special to me. I almost need a bigger office! Thanks so much to everyone that I collect from, they all make me very happy and everyone that comes and visits me are truly amazed, they have never seen anything like my collection. It is so much fun

Little Bunny Painting

I am going to be listing this little painting on etsy this week. Along with a few other items that had not sold. She is 5x7 and fits perfectly in a frame. She will be available for as little as $6.50 on ETSY. That's a deal. Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

You make my day award!

Well, I just got tagged by one of my favorite artist. So, here goes.

I am passing the "You Make My Day" award to the following people (These are my most favorite artist out there. I have enjoyed collecting all kinds of goodies from them)

Back Porch Pickins
Rusty Creek Primitives
Olde Cape Primitives
Gritty Arts Studio
Pywackit Primivites
Allegany Annies
The Crackling Crows

Most of these ladies have been folk artist much longer than I..I just started. They are such an inspiration to me and I hope to be just as successful as anyone of them. I love you all!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whimsical Annie painting

This painting was sold on ebay. I should make more, she is so cute. I am so crazy about folk art doll collecting. I can't seem to stop. I will be adding my favorite artist to my blog page soon. Honestly, I do not have much room for all of my collection. I'll need to open a boutique soon!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My nephews!

My sister in law and her teenage boys are driving out to visit. They are probably crossing the border of Kansas and Colorado, about now. Steven wants to move out here when he graduates from high school. Ian wants to be a rock star. He already looks the part! They are great kids.

I may not be posting much the next two weeks. My brother is visiting next week, as well. I am excited about their visit.

I need to get my dolls finished for an e-bay - WSOAPP fabric swap for next week. I will post them on March 16th. I will not be putting a reserve on them, so hopefully I will have a better turn out than the last dolls.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Upholstery 101

Thanks to Emily Griffith Opportunity School for having that class. This was my 2nd chair so it was done the old fashion way! No staples. The material is $50 a yard, so I like to keep my kitties away. The blanket is 100% alpaca and handmade by me. It took me about a week to knit it. It is soooo cozy. The bear is handmade by Cape Rouge. The bear gets the chair, not the kitties.

Little White Church

This painting is great for a children's room. I like the style and thought about doing a series of them. If it sells, maybe. It's an 8x10x.5 acrylic painting. Ready to hangwith painted edges $12.99. It is available on ETSY. Photobucket slide shows of my work are usually listed on one of my ebay items. If you are interested in looking at them. Just place WSOAPP in your search engine. I am listed with other talented artists, just look for handmade by Jenny.

Can't wait till spring!

These pictures are the first season of my backyards growth. Yes, I planted most of all that moss between those precast pieces! The potted flowers and trees are just wonderful, unfortunately they are hard to keep alive during the winter months. They are sitting in my garage, getting neglected. The cabana that I designed is so much fun in the spring and summmer. We have speakers and a tropical fan in the ceiling and our Nana Wall opens up to the entire space, so it is like an outdoor extension of the house. It is so much fun to entertain here.

Pink is in

Here is another purse that I have for sale $40. It is available on ETSY.
I was supposed to work on more dolls this week. I haven't done a thing. It's hard when I haven't sold what I have made. Signed the discouraged artist!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Denver Botanic Gardens

The images that I have posted on zazzle were taken at the bontanic gardens her in Denver.

So, guess what I did. I sent it to the buyer for their gift shop! I tried calling but just got email. So, pray for me!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Handwarmers, how cute!

These hand warmers are handmade by me, from my own design. I have 4 different colors available: red/black; black/grey; maroon/pink; and mauve/purple. They are available for $30 on ETSY. Size is ladies small, which fits me (but also will work well with a teenager) They make a great gift.

Thanks to all my friends for praying for us. We received 2 (not one) contract on our land on Race. Now, I just have the burden of picking the right one! I am showing our property on Washington to buyer, I am really hoping to get that sold.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Funky Ipod Purses

I made two of thes purses. One in Red (shown) and one in black. I am offering them for $40 on ETSY. If you really like my purses and want something unique, these are for you. All my purses are one of a kind. I will not be making anymore like these.

I was supposed to start making an Americana series of dolls, today. For those who do not know what that means they're, basically, 4th of July themed.

I am just not motivated yet. It is almost 10 am and I have just been paying bills and working on the internet.

Bunny Paintings

I painted this little thing last month. It sold on ebay. Since then, I really have not been painting much. I have gotten feedback from women with kids and potential making things for their rooms. That would actually be fun, then I could bring in my interior design skills. We'll see if that ever pans out.

Only one of my dolls has bids on ebay. I am a bit surprised, but still hopeful. Starving artist is right!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I love this purse

Skiing at at Keystone today. It was a bit busy out there. A snow board crossed my path. CRASH! We'll, see if my knee hurts more tomorrow.

This purse is available to purchase for $50 on ETSY. I did not do very well selling my purses on e-bay. There are so many purses out there. Thanks to all my lady friends, here in Denver & Grand Junction for purchasing from me. Otherwise I would have a whole room full.

I will be listing other bags that I have made, weekly.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's time to celebrate!

Twice in one,blog,blog.

I just listed these dolls on ebay tonight. They are my first attempt at folk art doll making, so I am very anxious to see how I fair.

Whimsical Folk Art

I just love this littel painting. It is acrylic on 4x4 canvas board! I should be making more paintings, but I have been working on dolls lately. I will be posting those weekly on ebay.

It is a blizzard outside today! (It is hard to beleive it was 72 degrees yesterday)
I am not very motivated to do much today) SKIING TOMORROW THOUGH!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cute purse for sale $30

This Ipod purse was handmade by me. I think I am going to offer my designs on this site. EBAY is very expensive and I have found it very difficult to sell hand knitted goods that way. I have actually quite a selection. If you are interested in this item, it is available for $30 on ETSY. I accept paypal, money order or check!